The Cambridge University Energy Network


The following resources encompass useful links to organisations related to aspects of energy consumption and generation.

Supporting Organisations

Our supporting organisations assist us to maintain a network of inspired people who share interest in sustainable energy.

Cambridge Energy

Cambridge Energy is a local company, which aims to increase communication between the technologists, economic analysts, researchers and businesses in the Greater Cambridge area. Their mission is to create an international centre of energy expertise that will make a real difference to the UK's and the world's energy futures.

Collegiate Energy Association

The Collegiate Energy Association, based at MIT, is a global forum for undergraduate and graduate student organisations committed to the scientific, policy, commercial, legal, and social considerations surrounding energy technology, infrastructure, and implementation.

Cambridge Environmental Initiative

The Cambridge Environmental Initiative (CEI) supports environmental research at the University of Cambridge.

Energia Georgetown

Energia Georgetown is a student run energy club at Georgetown University. Their goal is to foster a comprehensive understanding of energy matters by providing a resource for students and professionals, encouraging and facilitating discourse, and hosting informative events with key players in the sector.

Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon exists to enable understanding and to investigate and promote practical policies and technologies necessary to avoid dangerous climate change.

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